NEW 4-Week SHRED: Health & Hair with Alex!

Meet Alex, co-founder of and my newest 4 week challenge chick! ¬†Alex and I became gym buddies/good friends about a year ago and always try to inspire each other – she does a great job at this ūüôā ¬†As a triathlete and hair care guru, Alex is always looking for new ways to enhance her fitness, detox her diet and live an overall healthy lifestyle.

Scroll down to check out the fitness and nutrition plan I’ve put together for her. ¬†Also come back to track her progress each week and, even better, try the plan for yourself!

Notice that I have given Alex a sneak sample copy of my GRIT by Brit Ultimate Body Burn DVD (Have you watched the promo yet?). ¬†She will be my live “guinea pig” to show you results. ¬†Not only that, she’ll be sharing with us unique ways that she keeps her hair looking good while pumpin’ and sweatin’ on my fitness plan. ¬†Wish her the best – LET’S GO ALEX!

Alex’s Goals:

  • Complete the 4‚Äďweek plan
  • Increase energy
  • Diet detox
  • Lose 10 pounds!

And here’s her GRIT by Brit plan…

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4-week Challenge: Jenny’s Week 2 Update – “Keep Calm and Carry On”

Happy Friday! ¬†Jenny has just wrapped up week 2 of her 4-Week Challenge. ¬†Try the challenge for yourself and stay motivated by keeping up with Jenny’s progress!


Jenny’s Week 2 Progress Report:

Week Two: √ėv! (as we say in Danish – think: “Ugh” in English :)) Do I feel good about this week? Eh. I pushed myself hard – but not as hard as I felt like I could. I was busy and stressed and spent most of the week trying to catch up with everything and everyone. Should I cut myself some slack? Probably so. For me, working out is just as much mental as it is physical; Maybe it is my history in the fitness industry and/or maybe it is my need to push myself in some way (the feeling of progress), but I know that my mood, happiness, overall ability to handle stress and focus, all rely heavily on my ability to workout in one way or another.

At the same time, I also have to realize that I’m not 21 anymore, and cannot push myself to the same limits as I used to – and some days, that is hard for me to accept. My body responds and changes much more slowly than it used to, and this can be hard for someone like me who is so impatient. So even though I feel stronger and ‘tighter’, the way I feel about the week is not as positive as I’d hoped for. I’m trying to remember that results take time, and patience is key. I know that many people might give up when they feel like this, but that isn’t really my style ūüôā

On a positive note, I did take Brit’s advice and started adding protein to my breakfast. ¬†Usually its egg whites or a whey protein shake (see pics above). ¬†I can tell that the protein helps me feel fuller and keeps me from overeating later in the day.

I did¬†Brit’s killer legs workout¬†on Monday and could barely walk on Tuesday. I think maybe its better for me to do legs when I have a day off the next day, because Spinning the next day was hard (and then cardio and Pilates the day after that!), and they probably could have used a recovery day. Seriously, four days later my legs are still sore – and they haven’t been this sore since I can even remember!

Now I’m off to a weekend in Malaga. ¬†Do I feel 100% beach ready? Not exactly. But I am going to go have a good time, and keep¬†focused¬†on my goals. This will be an interesting week, as maintaining diet and exercise can be challenging on vacation – and it is important to strike a good balance. I tend to have an “all or nothing” personality, so this should be good personal challenge ūüôā


Brit’s Advice for Jenny:

  • Do your best to stay on the plan during vacation. ¬†There are several alternative workouts on Grit by Brit, like my¬†Keepin’ Trim While Travelin’¬†hotel gym workout. ¬†Also¬†hiking, walking and being active in general we keep you in good shape.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. ¬†Focus on the positive. ¬†You are kickin’ butt by doing your workouts and incorporating healthy habits (like¬†protein¬†at breakfast)! ¬†Just take things one day at a time try to make each day healthier and more active than the day before.
  • The half-way point is always the make or break. ¬†Don’t be like most people and give up if the numbers on the scale aren’t budging. ¬†All things take time, so keep calm and carry on ūüôā

If you missed Jenny’s Week 1 Progress Report¬†CLICK HERE¬†to catch up!


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