4 Calorie-Blasting Cardio Circuits

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4 Calorie blasting cardio circuits

Hello friends!  In honor of “Throwback Thursday” (#tbt), here are 4 of amy all-time favorite cardio workouts from the Grit by Brit archives.  If you’re traveling for the holidays and unable to attend your favorite workout class, these circuits are an excellent alternative that can be done on your own.  I hope you enjoy.  Stay Sweaty 😉 xoxo, Brit

  1. Treadmill Calorie Blaster – 20 minutes

  2. DIY Kickboxing Workout – 30 Minutes

  3. Skip into Shape Jump Rope Workout – 40 minutes

  4. EXTREME Bikini Body Workout – 60 minutes

Brit Rettig

Brit Rettig

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